In-Room Facilities That Will Guests Get In Fullerton Hotel

Fullerton Hotel is a great place to stay when you are on your vacation. There are so many in-room facilities that will make your time more enjoyable. Not only for single travelers, but the room is also friendly to families and spouses. Here are some of the in-room facilities that the guests will get. 


The bathrobe is necessary for guests because you will feel uncomfortable with big luggage if you bring it yourself. So, in this room, you will get a bathrobe to make sure that you will feel comfortable while cleaning yourself. Maybe after taking a bath or after swimming.


Singapore is a country that many people come and go from all over the world. In some cultures, people have to clean their bodies with a bathtub inside the bathroom. So, Fullerton Hotel makes this for the guests. The guest that has to clean themselves with a bathtub will be more comfortable. If you want to have a warm water bath, you can also use this facility. 

Cable TV

Do you want to enjoy private time with your partner just in your room? If you do, you can play the cable TV that is inside the room. Each room has this to entertain all the guests. There is a desk too. So, if you want to watch TV on a desk, it will help you to make your body more relaxed. 

Hairdryer and In-room Safe

Many people feel uncomfortable because there is no hairdryer inside the room. So, the hair will be wet and it can make headache after take a bath or swimming. But, you do not need to worry if you stay at this hotel. Because there is a hairdryer as one of the room facilities. 

Maybe you will feel worried if you keep something important like documents in the bag. So, you can keep it in the safety box inside your room. So, you do not need to worry about it. 


Many people have a trip with their friends. Some are for fun, and some others are for business. If you are one of them, so you can have a drink in your room. There is a minibar inside your room. So, you can enjoy drinking some cocktails and other beverages with friends. It is more enjoyable for someone who is busy or the introverts that do not really like a crowded situation at a restaurant or café. 

Separate Shower and Tub

If you are with your spouse, you can have a great time on a romantic honeymoon. Not only that, if you like cleanliness a lot, you can clean yourself in a separate shower and tub. So, It will be more comfortable for you and your spouse. Especially when you are a new couple. 

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