Things to Do around Marina Bay Sands in a Staycation Singapore?

Things to Do around Marina Bay Sands in a Staycation Singapore?


Things to Do around Marina Bay Sands in a Staycation Singapore?
Things to Do around Marina Bay Sands in a Staycation Singapore?


Marina Bay Sands is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore. Within the last two years, many people want to have a staycation Singapore. If you haven’t been to Singapore, you might want to know more about this lavish hotel, along with the facilities, amenities as well as the best places to stay there. 

The Exact Location of Marina Bay Sands 

Marina Bay Sands lies on Bayfront Avenue at Marina Bay. Marina Bay itself is the worldwide popular site where tourists can find luxurious things. There are places for everyone with every purpose. There are business centers, MRT Stations, casinos, a world-class stadium, shopping centers, and amusement parks. 

Reaching Marina Bay Sands from Changi Airport is very simple. It requires less than 20 minutes to go to the airport by taxi. The cost is also affordable because Singapore is famous for its high living cost. However, it is worth spending because everyone will be amazed by things that they will enjoy there. 

Hotels with Fully Equipped Facilities

Anyone who decides to have a staycation Singapore can reach this place easier because they are mostly natives. They prefer to go to this place by private car as they can park the car without any additional cost at the hotel. 

For those who spend staycation here, they shouldn’t worry about the business equipment. Business facilities in the hotel include fast internet service, a personal working desk, well-equipped meeting rooms and also several types of equipment like printers and fax. 

Marina Bay Sands is also very close to Sands Expo and Convention Centre Singapore, one of the most popular business districts in the city. It is only 18 meters away from the hotel so guests who decide to have a staycation Singapore will enjoy perfect living while they still can finish all their jobs very well.

Easy To Reach Destinations 

There are some options if you want to choose the destinations. For example, Bayfront MRT Station is as close as 88 meters. There won’t be any difficulties in reaching business and entertainment centers. Business people from other countries don’t find difficulties in reaching Changi Airport because the trip only requires 16 minutes. 

Another destination that all guests can enjoy includes Marina Bay Sands Casino. It is only as far as 89 meters where guests can try their best luck there. After spending some time at the casino, everyone can enjoy several dining places around. 

For families, Universal Studio Singapore is the best destination that people worldwide want to visit. As the only one in South East Asia, it is not surprising that this place has never run out of visitors. There are too many things to explore here. This place is famous for its roller coaster. Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON™ roller coaster is the tallest one in the world. Kids can also meet their favorite cartoon characters here. 

Without a doubt, Marina Bay Sands remains one of the best hotels for staycation Singapore, as well as the most recommended family holidays and business meetings.